Patrick McNeil born 1975 in Edmonton, Alberta
Patrick Miller born 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Based in Brooklyn, NY


FAILE is the Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller.
Their name is an anagram of their first project, “A life.” Since its inception in 1999, FAILE has been known for a wide ranging multimedia practice recognizable for its explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage. While painting and printmaking remain central to their approach, over the past decade FAILE has adapted its signature mass culture-driven iconography to vast array of materials and techniques, from wooden boxes and window pallets to more traditional canvas, prints, sculptures, stencils, installation, and prayer wheels. FAILE’s work is constructed from found visual imagery, and blurs the line between “high” and “low” culture, but recent exhibitions demonstrate an emphasis on audience participation, a critique of consumerism, and the incorporation of religious media, architecture, and site-specific/archival research into their work.


Strong Currents, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds, Brooklyn Museum,
Brooklyn, NY - July 10th-Ocotber 4th
FAILE: Wishing on You, Times Square, New York, NY
Aug 17th - Sept 2nd

FAILE: Works on Wood: Process, Paintings and Sculpture,
Allouche Gallery, New York, NY - Nov 15th-Dec 12th
Fuel, Fantasy, Freedom, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, AU

Where Wild Won’t Break, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX
Faile Wheels, NYC Ballet Art Series Installation at Lincoln Center, Koch Theater, New York, NY
Faile Tower, NYC Ballet Art Series Installation at Lincoln Center, Koch Theater, New York, NY

Eat With the Wolf, Commissioned Public Sculpture by Mongolian Arts Council, UlaanBaatar, Mongolia
104 North 7th Project, Brooklyn, NY

Fragments Of Faile, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK
Houston and Bowery Mural, New York, NY
Faile “A Decade of Prints and Originals”, Post No Bills, Venice Beach, CA

Bedtime Stories, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York, NY
Temple, Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon, Portugal

Lost In Glimmering Shadows, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK

Nothing Lasts Forever, Lazarides Gallery, New York, NY
From Brooklyn With Love, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK

Faile Prints, Fifty24, Portland, OR
24th Anniversary Mural, Weiden+Kennedy, Portland, OR

Denver Show, Andenken Gallery, Denver, CO
The Room NYC, New York, NY

Break Beat Science, Tokyo, Japan
One Eye Space, Los Angeles, USA


City Lights, MIMA Museum, Brussels, Belgium
Street Art: A Global View, Central Academy of Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China
No Commission Art Fair, Bronx NY
Et J’ai Retenu Mon Souffle, Street Art 13, Paris, France

Inaugural Exhibition, Allouche Gallery, New York, NY
FAILE & BÄST, Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Edinburgh, Summerhall Museum, Scotland, UK
The Provocateurs, Art Alliance, Chicago, IL
RE:DEFINE MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation Art Benefit, Dallas, TX
Juxtapoz 20th Anniversary Show, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
Darren Aronofsky’s Fountains of the Deep: Visions of Noah and the Flood, New York, NY
Cat Art Show, 101/Exhibit, Los Angeles, CA

FAILE & BÄST, Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Miami Beach, Miami, FL
Wooster Collective 10 Year Anniversary, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
Cash, Cans & Candy, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, AU

Damien Hirst’s Murderme Private Collection, Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella, Turin, Italy
The Boneyard Project, Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ
Sotheby’s Sick Children’s Trust Benefit Sale, London, UK
Tonight We Won’t Be Bored, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Underbelly Show, Art Basel Miami, Miami, FL
On Every Street, Samuel Owen Gallery, Greenwich, CT
T&J Artwalk for Human Rights Watch, Oslo, Norway
RE:DEFINE MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation Art Benefit, Dallas, TX
Art Mère / Art Père Auction LIVESTRONG Benefit, Los Angeles, CA

FAILE & BÄST, Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, New York, NY; London, UK
Underbelly Project, Brooklyn, NY
Viva La Revolucion: Dialogue With The Urban Landscape, Museum Of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA
Meet Me Inside, Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Plastic Culture: Legacies of Pop 1986 – 2008, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Lancanshire, UK
Perry Rubenstein Gallery, FIAC, Paris, France

Street Art, Tate Modern, London, UK
Poster Resistance 2, New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Cans Festival, London, UK
Outsiders, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, UK
Outsiders, Houston and Bowery, Lazarides, New York, NY
Art Singapore, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore

Generations, USA, Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev, Ukraine
Separation Wall Mural, Santa’s Ghetto, Bethlehem, Palestine.
The Burning House (Faile, Dave Ellis, and Swoon), Museum Hetdomein, Netherlands, The Burning House, New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Spank the Monkey, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts,, Newcastle-Gateshead, UK
Tiger Translate, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai, China
Animalia, Irvine Contemporary, Washington DC
Wall Snatchers, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington DC
Swish, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK
11 Spring St. Show, New York, NY

Untitled, Fifty24SF, San Francisco, CA
Ridiculousnessofitallshow, New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Design Edge, IdN, Singapore, Singapore
The Pony Show, New York, NY
ROJO Golden, Stay Gold Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
ROJO Golden, Urbis Artium Gallery, San Francisco, CA
The First LA Weekly Biennial, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Supreme Trading N8 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Weiden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Espai Pupu, Barcelona, Spain
Lab 101, Los Angeles, CA
Les Complices, Zurich, Switzerland
Lavender, Transplant Gallery, New York, NY
Mural, Diesel Store, Austin, TX
Pictures on Walls, Diesel Denim Gallery, New York, NY